Ashley vill inspirera alice cullen stil

I en intervju berättar Ashley om hur hon skulle vilja att Alice Cullens stil skulle se ut.
Playing The Twilight Saga‘s most stylish vampire, Alice Cullen, certainly has its chic advantages, but that doesn’t mean that Ashley Greene wouldn’t like to change up her bloodsucker’s penchant for high-fashion.

At a private event in West Hollywood Monday to celebrate her ASOS July magazine cover, the LBD-clad actress, joined by stylish pals like Kelly Osbourne, told WWD that she’d like her onscreen character to follow her stylish lead. “I want her to have an Audrey Hepburn-Jackie-O mix. I am a huge fan of the Jackie O Ray-Bans. I love ballet flats for her and leggings,” she told WWD.

Is Alice Cullen’s stark white complexion and ever-changing eye color going to be flattered by a pearl necklace and a Chanel suit? Looks like we’ll have to wait until Breaking Dawn, scheduled to hit theaters November 2011, to see if Alice quenches Ashley’s fashion thirst

omg så vacker människa!!


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