Kristen,Rob,Taylor & Dakota at IMDB Starmeter - 2010


#2 Kristen Stewart

(Last year: #2)

Messrs. Depp and Pattison did a do-si-do around Ms. Stewart, who holds steady at number two thanks to continued Twilightfrenzy, while also expanding her acting horizon in The Runawaysand Welcome to the Rileys.

Robert Pattinson

#3 Robert Pattinson

(Last year: #1)

Our favorite sparkly vampire tumbled from the top spot this year, even as Eclipse escalatedTwilight fever to unforeseen heights. Don't worry, Edward --Remember Me, we don't.

Taylor Lautner

#14 Taylor Lautner

(Last year: #5)

Team Jacob took a tumble this year even though the star more than held his own in the summer hit Eclipse, and rode the tabloid waves thanks to his brief romance with Valentine's Dayco-star Taylor Swift.

Dakota Fanning
#18 Dakota Fanning

(Last year: #8)

Yes, she's one of the Volturi, but Fanning stole scenes from fellowTwilight-er Kristin Stewart in rock drama The Runaways, and was named her high school's homecoming queen to boot.



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