Några fans fick chansen att träffa Ashley o. Joe i NY

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Här är 2 olika fans som berättar :

“At Saks a fan said they were kissing and doing cute things to eachother, she first spotted then looking at LV scarfs, a salesman said that Joe arrived before Ashley and he bought four Gucci bags, one for Denise, another one for Ashley.” She took a pic with Joe but I’m not going to add that.

source: http://twitter.com/brazilthanksJB


“So I’m on vaca with the family in New York (DO YOU KNOW HOW COLD IT IS HERE?) and guess who I ran into today (Technically, it being after midnight, yesterday)? Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene! I was shopping with my sisters and I saw Joe and Ashley, at first I didn’t wanna go up to them and bother them, because they seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I saw Joe kiss her check and whisper in her ear, she just giggle. Once I saw that another girl came up to them, I decided to go up to them. They were very sweet. I asked for a picture, they said yes (I’ll upload in a few). Afterwards, they wished me a “Very happy holiday.” As I walked away, I saw Joe wrap his arm around Ashley’s waist. They were very sweet and even more adorable in person. :)” She said she will post her picture later.

source: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/7it11l


/Orkar inte översätta och det blir tycker inte jag samma sak då !



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