Kristens stil i Welcome To The Rileys

Kristen Stewart's Stripper Style: "Difficult" but "Gorgeous"
"She just looked gorgeous. Her looks inspired a thousand fashion editorials. She looked so fabulous."
Welcome to the Rileys costume designer Kim Bowen when asked about Kristen Stewart's onscreen style.
Totally a compliment, right? Thing is, K.Stew wasn't supposed to look über-fab. In fact, she was supposed to look the opposite of totally hot, which made it tough for Bowen to do her job. How so?
"She's such a beauty and very naturally stylish—like a young Kate Moss," Bowen gushed about the gal she was lucky enough to dress. Hmmm. Those fitting sessions Kim and K had must have been fun, huh?
And just FYI, while others may not think K.Stew is the newest fashion It girl, Bowen used to work at Harper's Bazaar before turning to movies, so she knows a thing or two about the chicest of chicks.
"It was difficult [costuming her] because her style is captivating, and she couldn't look like that. She had to look obscure and private and hidden."
Explains why it took three tries to get K.Stew's stripper style, which includes mostly hoodies and sweat pants (off stage, of course), exactly right.
"She's got the perfect exhausted glamour. She personifies it," Bowen said. "Finally, we went to grungy, nasty stripper stores and got clothes from the Salvation Army to make the look."
Now that Kristen's among the ranks of Hollywood's most stylish, will hoodie chic be all the rage? Or has Kristen already made it so?


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