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"The first kiss was really hard".

At 20, Kristen Stewart has already bought a two million dollars house. After three films in the series and two more to come, the future is hers. Fabian W. Waintal 07/02/2010

Among a new generation of viewers is most famous than Madonna, more recognized than Angelina Jolie and more admired than Sandra Bullock. Anyone who has read the book saga "Twilight" does not just want to see in film the romance between a vampire and a teenage Bella, also wants to meet the young protagonist of the movie saga. And behind the most popular love story of the moment is the "Bella" Kristen Stewart.

Why do you think there's so much fandom behind the "Twilight" saga?
For the whole subject of vampires and werewolves. But I think that if we remove the mysticism of the story, with the same people, it would still be interesting. I don't think the phenomenon happens because is a vampire story, but that makes it more "cool", more interesting.

The best and worst of your role?
Actually, there is nothing to be negative, because everything that bothers me about my character, Bella, is what I like about her, as when she realizes that shet can be quite selfish. Sometimes she is too hard with herself and I identify with that. I always say I love how she does things wrong, and she don't mind the consequences. Such is life when we are young and we're growing.
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