Isle Esme i Brasilien

Things are about to get hot for this real-life couple in more ways than one... co-star Nikki Reedconfirms they’re going to shoot their Breaking Dawn honeymoon scene in South America! 

How’s this for muy caliente?  There’s been speculation that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would do ‘the deed’ for the first time everywhere from Vancouver to Louisiana to Brazil — and their Twilight co-star, Nikki Reed, has confirmed the exact location of said deflowering! 

“They are filming a few days [in South America], but I’m not there,” the 22-year-old actress confirmed to exclusively at the LA premiere of her new film, Last Day of Summer, Sept. 22. “It’s Bella and Edward’s honeymoon.” 

It appears that producers are keeping the big screen version of Breaking Dawn pretty faithful toStephenie Meyer’s book: the fictional honeymoon spot is an island called “Isle Esme”, just off the coast of Brazil. 

We hope Bella and Edward’s REAL honeymoon is just as epic as it is in the book, as well. If it IS, you’re going to see a lot of nudity, skinny-dipping and R-Patz biting the hell out of a pillow because he can’t control himself. How’s that for hot?



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