Rob & Kristen kysses

Påväg bort från premiären av "Water For Elephnats"efterfest  såg man Kristen och Rob sitta i en bil och det kysste faktist varandra på riktigt,det finns video och bild bevis på det hela!
//Nu tror jag allt mer på att det faktist är tillsammans ♥

Kristen Stewart made a low-key appearance at the party for Robert's Water For Elephants premiere in NYC last night, but there was nothing discreet about the hot kiss they shared when they hopped into their car afterward! She was spotted leaving the bash with Robert, holding onto his arm and wearing a hot dress that was reportedly designed by J. Mendel. Robert, meanwhile, was dashing in his tux, and we even managed to snag a minute with him on the red carpet before the screening began. Robert and Kristen's hot evening out on the town didn't get in the way of him rising early this morning to swing by the Today show. It looks like Kristen was able to visit the Big Apple to support her man during his final week of press before his movie with Reese Witherspoon opens this Friday. Kristen and Rob were also able to spend the last few weeks together up in Canada, where production is wrapping up on Breaking Dawn this week.


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