Intervju med Tinsel Korey om BD

I en intervju nyligen med Tinsel Korey fick hon några frågor angående TTS och Breaking Dawn,ni kan se dem här nedan eller läsa hela intervjun här.

Daemon’s Movies has an exclusive new interview with Tinsel Korey, in which she chats about Breaking Dawn (of course!), being recognized in public (or not…), and her other projects (including Fishing Naked with Bronson Pelletier, which stars shooting this fall!).
It’s rare in this industry to work on the same character over several movies. How would you say that you approach her now compared to how you approached her in the beginning?
Tinsel Korey: I think the main difference between Emily and I is that she’s very maternal, and I don’t really think that I’m that much of a maternal person. So, I’ve developed that skill sort of as I’ve played her because that’s what she does.
Like, her job is to make sure that the boys are okay, that they’re in line, that they’re fed. So, apparently I’m a little bit of a method actor, and so I’ve been kind of taking on that role. The boys kind of act a little rambunctious and I’m like, ‘Hey, tone it down.’ I make sure that they’re fed, and so I’ve definitely developed that maternal instinct and sort of guarded after them. If anyone says anything bad about them I’m kind of, like, momma wolf and step right in there. So, it was good to sort of develop that quality and bring that side out of myself.
Then also the other thing that I loved about Emily is that when I first went into ‘New Moon’ it was about the scar. I kind of thought that maybe she was, like, hiding it and Chris Weitz and I talked about it and he said, ‘Emily is just proud and beautiful, and nothing that can physically be done to her sort of affects her beauty.’ So, that to me, as a female a lot of times we’re put under a microscope and knit pick at little things, and so putting that vanity aside and bring up that inner beauty, I definitely have grown from playing Emily, for sure.
And of course, an always-important question:
My last question is unfair, but be as blunt as you can be. Team Jacob or Team Edward?
Tinsel Korey: Oh, you know what, at this point Bella has already made her choice, and so I completely avoided that question since the beginning and now I don’t have to because she made her choice already.


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