20 saker du kanske inte viste om Robert Pattinson

1. His middle name is Thomas.

2. Has two older sisters, Lizzie and Victoria.

3. His biggest influence is Jack Nicholson.

4. He hired a personal trainer after being told she has a body of wimp.

5. In 2005 he was nominated for "British Star of Tomorrow by Times Online.

6. In 2010 Time Magazine included him in the prestigious "Most Influential People in the World."

7. English is currently the highest paid actor in America.

8. His father works regardless of vintage cars.

9. One of his first jobs was as a model for Hackett's in London in 2010.

10. His friends call him Rob.

11. Had to compete against many actors for the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight.

12. He claims to arrive at a mixed school at age 12 was a turning point for him.

13. He plays the piano since he was three years.

14. In 2010 he was named "Hollywood's Most Influential Musicians Top Unexpected."

15. At 14 he was the leader of a trio of rap.

16. Before shooting his first Twilight film spent two months in Organ (where the shooting) in preparation for the role.

17. His eyes are very sensitive, requires 20 minutes to put the lenses of his character.

18. he like to work with Van Morrison.

19. His first role was Cuban dancer in the musical Guys and Dolls.

20. He meets his two best friends since he was 12 years.




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