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On Saturday, February 19, actress Ashley Greene of the popular Twilight Saga celebrated her 24th birthday at PURE Nightclub, inside Caesars Palace, with a “Candy Land” themed party and very special guest boyfriend Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Upon her arrival, Greene immediately walked up to the line of fans and individually met with a few lucky admirers and took pictures with them. Meanwhile, Jonas discreetly parted ways before seen by the public eye as he was privately escorted inside the megaclub through the side entrance while his stunning girlfriend dazzled in a classic strapless black dress on the red carpet and posed for pictures. She even showed off her very special birthday present from Jonas, a vintage Chanel charm bracelet.

During an interview with the house crew, Ashley Greene gushed about the early surprise from Jonas.

“I just got the charm bracelet I’m wearing, its vintage Chanel and the funny thing about it is when I got it my boyfriend said its vintage Coach,” Green said. “It was very cute and sweet and adorable to me because my boyfriend gave it to me. Coach, Chanel makes no difference to him but to me this is amazing,” she continued. “I thought it was adorable and I absolutely love it because he knows what I like.”

After the red carpet, Ashley Greene was escorted through the packed club to her VIP tables located on the PURE’s main stage where she joined Jonas. When she first arrived, Greene was surprised as her entire VIP area was themed out with Candy Land décor including the classic board game, a sweet candy bar full of her favorites and giant three pound lollipops just for her special day. Greene and Jonas played with all of the decorations and even joked around with how heavy the lollipops were. As the first ones to arrive at her big Candy Land birthday bash, the young couple got the party started alone. They were not shy to show their affection as they were spotted kissing, holding hands and dancing with one another. The adorable twosome was seen earlier dining on Social House’s Executive Chef Joe Elevado’s delicious assortment of sushi and sashimi with 18 of Ashley’s closest friends, but her friends had yet to join them.

When asked why she picked out a Candy Land themed birthday party, she replied with “I love the game! It’s fun and girly.” And continued with, “we’re here to have fun and I thought a Candy Land party was a really great theme to do.”

And when asked what her favorite candy was, Ashley Greene said “I love Twizzlers, strawberry licorice and gummies.” She even joked around about how much good friend and fellow Twilight co-star Kellan Lutz loves candy, “My friend Kellan, he is in amazing shape but happens to love candy. He has a drawer full of candy and I always go to his house and steal some.”

About a half hour later, the couple was joined by the rest of Greene’s friends. Shortly after the whole entourage arrived, the gorgeous PURE cocktail servers, also dressed in party theme attire, presented the birthday girl with a very large Candy Land themed cake. The whole crowd cheered her on as they all wished the brunette beauty a “Happy Birthday.” Greene continued the party celebrating into the early hours of the morning with her boyfriend and close friends.

All the pictures are Medium Quality, I will make a different album with High Quality’s when I can find them! Enjoy





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