Kristen som nya Material Girl ?

In 2010, the launch of the collection of clothing for Madonna and her daughter Lola has shaken the fashion world! And it became even more news when Taylor Momsen was heralded as the poster girl of "Material Girl. "

But now the brand has released a notice on its website that are looking for "desperate for a new"Material Girl "to replace Taylor! No one knows the reason she will not be, but it sounds more to marketing than any problem with Jenny from "Gossip Girl. "

For the designer, the new "Material Girl" should be "the hottest girl on the scene. Who is never afraid. "On the site, you can suggest a name only putting your date of birth (month / day / year) and your email on the site.


I was anxious to know who will be chosen! If I have to name a few famous, I think Miley Cyrus, Hayley and Kristen Stewart is well with the Material Girl, right?

vote for Kristen HERE



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