Vem ska bli Robs dam i filmen Cosmopolitan ?


Robert Pattinson is still looking for a wife. First it was Marion Cotillard, then Keira Knightley attached to play the young, mysterious wife to his Eric Packer in David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis”. Now Knightley’s involvement is back in question as Alfama Films website has removed her name from the film’s page, after an internet firestorm was set off proclaiming she was on board based solely on their inclusion of her name in the first place. Truthfully, though Pattinson would be lucky to work with such great talents as Cotillard and Knightley – and who knows, Knightley might still sign on after all – they always seemed a little out of the league of “Cosmopolis”, which would cast them in the supporting role of a mysterious wife. Cotillard, 35, had been attached since the days when Colin Farrell was set to play the lead role of Eric Packer, which would have been a much more age-appropriate coupling.

In Knightley’s favor is that she has worked with Cronenberg before, on “A Dangerous Method”, is a much more fitting 25, and certainly looks more like the character Elise Shifrin as described in the book, an heiress to a bank fortune and poet, “in her mid-twenties, with an etched delicacy of feature and large and artless eyes”, who seems to disappear into thin air and who Eric often has a hard time recognizing at their various run-ins. However, should her involvement with the film fall through, here are a few young actresses we think could jump into the role, and truthfully, who would have a lot more to gain from doing this film than the much more established Knightley would.

Read who at up and comers!

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