Abduction kommer bli en hit

Director John Singleton about his latest film Abduction, which stars Taylor Lautner,  said ( It will be a big hit)
TR: What are you working on right now?
JS: I have a new movie coming out called Abduction. It’s a spy thriller with the most popular teenage star in the world, Taylor Lautner, who starred in the Twilight pictures. It’s about a teenage kid who finds out his parents aren’t his real parents and his real father is a big dangerous spy. I really can’t tell you too much more, so what is there to say about it but that I know it’s going to be a big hit?


– *Vad kul att du vill ge oss en kommentar! Spam och många kommentarer med reklam för sin sida tas bort. Tack för att du besökte oss ,TWILIGHTKTR!*
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