Kristen donerar signerade skor till välgörenhet

Kristen har  donerat ett par signerade skor till organisationen Shoe Revolt som fans kommer kunna buda på från och med den 1:a augusti. Den totala summan pengar som de får in på skorna kommer att gå till att stoppa människohandel (trafficking).



While we sleep peacefully at night, down corner alleys, behind old buildings, and along abandoned railroads, horrible and unimaginable crimes are being committed against our youth. 

Shoe Revolt has committed resources to educate the masses, stop traffickers, and heal victims of these human trafficking crimes, and now we are thrilled to announce a new strategy; a teen revolt. For teenagers who live in a stable environment, the issues of sex trafficking are distant; most youth have difficulty simply grasping the concept. 

Many teenagers are unaware of what sex trafficking really entails and don't understand that it is occurring on domestic soil. 

These teens are not aware of the tricks and strategies that traffickers use to exploit and imprison youth like them against their will. Because this issue is so secretive and unimaginable, teenagers simply ignore it. 

Shoe Revolt feels that teens can no longer be complacent; human trafficking affects the very freedom that the United States of America promises to them all. It is time to educate and get teens involved to start a teen revolt against human trafficking. 

Why shoes and celebrities? For teens, this combination is an outlet. It's a passion. Combining something that the youth of America loves is a simple, yet powerful way to begin a dialogue about this imperative issue. 

A celebrity such as Kristen Stewart donating shoes helps us connect with all teenagers despite language, ethnic, and cultural differences. Shoe Revolt is incredibly thankful for Kristin Stewart's donation of a pair of black Keds. 

Her donations will be used to raise money for shelters and to create awareness about this issue in the teen community. We can eradicate the attack on our youth in the United States by spreading the word and getting teens educated. Trafficking affects thousands of teenagers each and every day and will never be stopped without education. Shoe Revolt will give teenagers the opportunity to understand sex trafficking, which will help keep them safe. Shoe Revolt is determined to create a teen revolt by reaching out and spreading the word about sex trafficking, one celebrity donated shoe at a time.


Kristen Stewart was born in 1990, and has accomplished incredible things for her young age. She is most famous for her role in the 'Twilight' films, which began in 2008. Stewart has previously expressed an interest in providing help for victims of human trafficking, most notably in a Vogueinterview, when asked about what she plans on doing with all of her newly acquired wealth. "She is thinking carefully, strategically, about how best to put her own contribution to use, and has a plan - inspired by her researches for the role of a runaway in the sex trade - to set up a network of halfway houses to help those who want to recover and get back on their feet. 'That would be amazing,' she says. 'Right now it's the thing I feel most connected to.'"


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