Ashley Greenes smyckesskrin

Dreck från åkte hem till Ashley Greene och fixade smyckeshållare och skrin till hennes smycken för att kunna hålla dem i ordning.Dreck tipsar också om hur man kan köra egna smyckeshållare och hur man kan hålla reda på alla sina smycken

Be it a costume piece or a great vintage find, storing jewelry can be as difficult as putting together a 1000-piece puzzle, especially when you have the amount of Twilight star, Ashley Greene.

When I first met Ashley she had a vast collection of rings, bracelets and some items I wasn’t sure how you would wear them!  They were all fabulous and all needed special attention.  I knew I would have to find a solution that would allow her to easily see what she had, didn’t take up a lot of space and was easy to transport to those long film shoots wherever.

Solution 1: Stackable Jewelry Trays – Bed Bath & Beyond

These pink upholstered and slightly shimmering trays are a perfect solution for the girl or guy who needs to see everything at one time.  You can customize the combination of trays you choose, so if you have more rings you can buy extra ring trays.  They stack securely and have a clean, finished look.  When Ashley needs to coordinate her jewelry with her wardrobe, she can simply unstack all the trays and lay them out with out unloading any of the items.

Ashley Greene's jewelry organizer


Solution 2: Twig Ring Holder – ANTHROPOLOGIE – Everyday twig.  (see above)

We all have items we wear more than others.  This jewelry twig serves as both art and a place for you to store items you wear more often.  I’ve seen several different versions of this product to suit your tastes.

Solution 3: Drawer liners – Recycled shoe bags!

For bigger items that don’t fit inside a container, we converted a built-in drawer into a showcase.  We simply lined the drawer with extra soft shoe bags.

Solution 4: Acrylic Necklace Holders – The Container Store

For longer items that can easily get twisted in a jewelry box or in a drawer, we purchased these acrylic holders.  Simply screw into the wall.  They make for a great display of your more delicate longer necklaces. We chose to hang them in an area that’s inconspicuous like in a closet. Ashley is a great client to organize for because she has so many cool things to organize! When I asked Ashley how she liked her jewelry storage makeover she said, “Derrick you did a great job — you’re quick, professional and my house looks amazing.”

Whether you have a small or large jewelry collection, you can use these easy storage solutions to keep track of all your treasures.  I Dare You To Be Domestic!

källa 2
/Lina/Snyggt  smyckesskrin hon har, I ♥ IT


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