Ashley & Jared Followill

Igår sågs Ashley Greene ute i New York tillsammans med sin far och Jared  Followill

(basisten från Kings Of Leon) i New York.

Adding to the speculation that she’s already moved on in the romance department, Ashley Greene was spotted alongside Jared Followill in New York City on Thursday (March 17).

Fresh off of announcing her split from Joe Jonas, the “Twilight” actress joined her dad and the Kings of Leon bassist in visiting a local bar for some together time.

And while it appears that they may indeed be a new item, insiders dismiss that the new romance was the cause of Ashley’s split from Joe.

A source told E!, “Ashley didn’t leave Joe for [Jared]. They just both agreed it was time to focus on themselves.”

As for Greene’s parting from Jonas, the E! insider said, “They were apart a lot working. It was never that.

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