Hemligheten bakom Ashley perfekta hy

Ashley Greene: The Secret Behind Her Perfect Skin!

Ashley Greene
Why does Ashley Greene’s skin look so flawless? It’s all about hydration for the mark spokesgirl! That, and well-placed concealer. “I prepped Ashley’s skin by applying a calming moisturizer all over her face for a clean canvas,” the actress’s makeup artist, Mai Quynhtold us about the look she gave Greene for an appearance on SiriusXM Radio in New York City. “Next, I used a light/medium concealer under her eyes and around her nose.” Quynh paired Greene’s fresh-faced look with slightly smoky eyes, for a dose of drama. “I applied taupe eyeshadow to Ashley’s inner eyelid, and then I mixed gray and plum shades and applied them to her outer lid,” the makeup artist told InStyle. “To make Ashley’s eyes pop, I used felt tip eyeliner along her upper lash line, and added two coats of mascara.” To keep things sweet, Quynh dabbed Greene’s cheeks with rosy blush and swiped her pout with shimmery pink lipstick
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