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Nikki Reed is on a one-woman recycling mission. "It's very upsetting to me but apparently my building does not have recyclingThey say that the city separates it but I don't believe it and I don't feel good about mixing all my trash. So I do it on my own. There's a man who comes to my alley and collects cans and stuff so I give it to him," she told us at the launch party for the fashion collection UK Style by French Connection. Reed was on a break from back-to-back shooting on the two "Breaking Dawn" movies that will close the "Twilight" saga. "We're almost done, like four more weeks," she said, not quite sure how she'll react when it's over, since in the past there was always another installment to look forward to.

Her role in the first three "Twilight" films was minimal, and she's considered it "weird to be part of a series that you’re not really in. When people said they loved them you say thank you but you know it's not because of you." But it's a different story in "Breaking Dawn," in which her character Rosalie has a more important role. Bella and Edward have a daughter, "and Rosalie takes care of the baby, raises the child. I've been working every day."



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