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Monitor: Arise, Sir Jamie
Meet the star of this month’s TV must see, Camelot – Jamie Campbell Bower.
If JCB, 22, isn’t on your radar, he soon will be. The Harry Potter and Twilight star is about to take the role of King Arthur in a coming-of-age re-telling of the legend of Camelot.

On doing bootcamp for his role in Camelot:

“I’m usually not one for physical exertion, but I didn’t tell the producers that before I got the part of King Arthur. The cast did a month of bootcamp – it was f*cking awful. But we really banded together; this over-powering masculinity suddenly kicked in.

On his style:

I’ve always had the same look: Skinny jeans and long T-shirts. Bonnie [Wright, Jamie's fiancee and Harry Potter co-star] likes me in suits, but it’s very difficult to get me into one.

On doing his own stunts for Camelot:

I did my own stunts on Camelot……until I broke my ankle during a fight sequence. We were in a little valley in Ireland, and it took hald an hour for the ambluance to get there, and another 45 minutes to get to the hospital.

On his band:

I’ve been a musican longer than I’ve been an actor. My band are recording an EP soon. Our sound is Biffy Clyro meets Muse. We call it slacker pop.


I rarely get papped. It’s only when I’m surrounded by a hundred 14-year-old girls that I get recognised.

Gifts from fans:

I get sent weird stuff. When we were filming Breaking Dawn, I got a note that started with, “Dear Jamie, I’m not insane,” and then went onto say some very sexually explicit stuff. She’d sent it along with three wheels of cheese, a bondage collar and some nipple clamps




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