var Nikki kommer firar sin födis!

17 maj, joo få fyller Nikki Reed 23 år! Nu är det bekräftat att hon kommer fira sin födelsedag den 13 maj,på Gallery Nightclub vid Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino!

Friday the 13th will be one lucky day – especially for revelers at Gallery Nightclub atPlanet Hollywood Resort & Casino as Nikki Reed celebrates her birthday at the sultry venue on May 13.

Reed, who plays Rosalie in the mega-hit “Twilight” saga, will party the night away with friends and fans on the year’s most bewitching evening.

Gorgeous performance dancers styled in voyeuristic fashions will perform nightly, enticing and exciting guests. Candlelit glass fireplaces will be scattered throughout the venue, creating a sexy and mysterious glow in all the rooms. Gallery Nightclub’s unbridled sensual nightlife and nightly entertainment will be unlike any experience offered in the city of sin.

Provocative design and erotic revelry will converge to create a uniquely aesthetic nightlife experience at Gallery Nightclub at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Oversized frames adorn the walls, showcasing original photography depicting voyeuristic imagery as an erotic backdrop for guests. State-of-the-art sound and lighting blanket every room of Gallery, where renowned DJs will spin intoxicating music until the sun rises. Gallery is a place where all the deepest fantasies can be explored from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.



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