Intervju med Bill Condon

Just nu kommer det många intervjuer med regissören till Breaking Dawn part 1 och 2 Bill Condon. Dock är dessa inte videointervjuer, så (jag tycker) det kan bli ganska jobbigt att läsa allt. Men oftast är de väldigt bra!

Fandango: You've also said there's going to be a choreographed dance number at the wedding.
Condon: It's very brief, but absolutely! It was a lot of fun. All I can say is that Jackson [Rathbone] and Ashley [Greene] are incredibly good dancers. They should make musical films.

Fandango: Was it an actual musical number?
Condon: This is not a musical number on a stage or anything. This is just people dancing at a wedding, that's all. It's just that we had a choreographer to help us.

Fandango: How excited are you for fans to see the wedding scene? It must've taken high-security to keep the wedding dress from getting leaked.
Condon: I know! We're three weeks out and it still hasn't leaked. I'm so happy. Oh, I can't wait. We're going to have our premiere two weeks from Monday and I'm just so looking forward to being there with fans and just getting a sense of what they think. It is a challenge. There are other surprises in there too that we've been able to keep, but it's harder to do it these days.


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