Ny vampyrklan i BD Part 2?

Twifans står detta:

*So Melissa Rosenberg has created a new clan and you are the lead person in the Clan?
I recognize, and also recognize Janelle Froelich, so she and I are. And it's going to be amazing. The scene, the fans are going to love it.
Can you tell us where is this Clan?
Yes, vampires are French. Basically, my character Henri was born in France and is one of those who are able to relate as much as someone who is trying to put his life together and succeed in life. And also something great about this is that Stephenie Meyer and Melissa, we got the script, but many of the stories of our past we create ourselves. So it was very fun to be able to do that.

What kind of past history you gave to Henri?
A special power. A very cool special power. with my power I can make a person shake, and they usually go to hit a wall or something far away.
Would you say you spent as much time on set with Janelle?
A shot wise, yes. Adempas the cast spend much time together. I remember when I first walked to the hotel and saw all these people I've seen in movies, and I was quite nervous. But the way in which we adopted with open arms, never felt I was alone there. And adempas have a lot of new vampires, we became a big group and we became a sort of hang out together familia.Todos.
Were you intimidated by someone before you get there? Perhaps the success of Kristen and Rob and Taylor?
The good thing about this cast is that everyone is so open and focused. I was, and still am a big fan of Michael Sheen. And being able to meet someone who really inspires me about the show, was very grateful. But in terms of the cast were all wonderful and focused.

Det ska vara från en interljuv med skådespelaren Amadou Ly (aka Henri ?):

Skådespelerskan Janelle Froelich som också ska vara i den klanen:

En ny fransk clan?
Allt är från Twifans.


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