Fanmöte med KSTEW från SWATH inspelningarna

Fanbild & fanencounter:

"On set of SWATH today."

"After testing my luck for the last few months plus endless waiting in the cold, my dream finally came true.

First of all, one of the reasons that I'm dying to meet her is that I really have to tell her how amazing she is, not only as an actress but a person as a whole. I feel like she has to know this in person. To keep doing what she does. Her passion for acting and stays true to herself no matter what.

You have no idea how she helped me emotionally through my toughest times all these years. Let's just say she made me a better person and being more comfortable in my own skin. I think many fans can relate to this?

I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I saw her from the distance, thinking "OMG it is HER!", just a few yards away. When I thought I wasn't going to meet her after waiting for more than 7 hours after being told I simply won't get to see her plus many securities are watching me. Thing is, I know she's not gonna be in England all the time, so i gotta grab this chance before she leaves in Nov. A voice in my heart kept me going. Yeah corny whatever. And believe me it's freezing outside (feeling sorry for her to work in this weather and when she offered her hand to shake mine, it's so cold, bless her!) and I needed toilet but could't go and sitting around trees hoping the spiders wouldn't touch me isn't the best experience... but, totally worth it!

Just when I started to lose hope, I spotted her coming out with a bunch of people. Then everything happened so quickly, I tried to contain myself and for the first time in my life didn't care anything and ran up towards her, called her after she went past the gates, I thought she wouldn't return for me I was so disappointed but she hesitated for a sec and came back out alone without the bodyguard next to her. (makes me feel like "Phew they didn'’t think I'm some crazy person/chinese ninja" thank god ;)). I was like "Is this for real?!!" totally freakin' out inside. that overwhelming moment, I just couldn't describe it. almost couldn't compose myself facing opposite to her. I hope I didn't scared her and tried my best to speak. It's still surreal to me when she came up to me with her little shy smile and said Hi and shakes my hand. She is just so nice and down to earth. I couldn't control a little tear after she left. Happy tears of course. It feels like a dream. Best day of my life without a doubt.

I saw many beautiful horses on set too. One of my favourite animals.

P.S I've promised the publicists not to reveal her costumes until it hits cinema so I've crop it out.

Thank you Kristen, you rock!"




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