Nya bilder + en interljuv med Myanna Burning

Nytt från svenska Myanna Burning (aka Tanya i BD filmerna):


Uprooting from Sweden to the Middle East before finally settling in the UK as a teenager has prepared MyAnna for the nomad life of an actress. Starting up a theatre company before making her debut with 'The Descent' back in 2005, MyAnna has been gently simmering under the radar, working between TV and film, but her role in last year’s terrifying, cult-hit, 'Kill List', has placed her firmly on the map and onto Screen International’s prestigious, ‘Stars of Tomorrow’ list. With roles in Twilight: Breaking Dawn, a lead in the BBC’s forthcoming 'White Heat', and even plans to produce you can expect to see her a lot more. IDOL sat down with the gorgeous rising star to talk hard work and crushing on Stephen Fry.


WHAT’S BEEN THE MOST MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE? I will never forget 'The Descent' just being my first film, it was such an enormous learning curve and that was really special. Equally doing something like 'Twilight', and going on to the set of this huge franchise, based on books that I’m a massive fan of, sitting in between Stephanie Myers and Bill Condon, who’s work I’ve admired and watched so much, that was pretty surreal. Photobucket




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