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While filming the movie, Scott was concerned about exploiting Stewart's character by including gratuitously sexy scenes of her in the strip club. There was, he says, pressure to depict her pole dancing, but he adamantly refused. 

"It was very hard to explain to them — I understand why they wanted it — Kristin Stewart, who's got a bum like an apricot swirling around on a pole,'" he says. "I thought it would destroy the character and disrespect people who have lost children. It would be an immoral act.’"



WTTR Recension

Welcome To The RileysKristen Stewart Into Baring Not Biting Flesh 

One of the most emotionally eloquent moments in Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls, is when a grieving mother who's lost her children cries out in despair, 'God didn't save my babies.' To which another character replies, 'Then save some other women's babies.' This key episode in excavating human hope when there's not much around, more than makes its point but never follows through. Welcome To The Rileys on the other hand, assumes the burden of that mission in the extreme, and however unlikely. James Gandolfini drops his tough guy Sopranos persona and gets in touch with his sensitive side in Welcome To The Rileys as Doug, a suburban Indiana plumber running a successful equipment business. He's also trying to move on with his life as best he can after the death of his only child, while keeping looming midlife crisis at bay. Unlike Doug's withdrawn, chronically depressed wife Lois (Melissa Leo) who still fusses over their departed daughter's room as if she's still around, and has even made the couple's reservations so to speak, much to his dismay, at the local cemetery for internment next to their child's grave. 

Doug's frustrating, seemingly borderline terminal existence gets turned around during a plumber's convention down in New Orleans one night, when he heads off to a low end strip bar to drink away painful memories. But he's cornered instead by sexually aggressive combo stripper/lap dancer and underage incidental hooker Mallory (Kristen Stewart) and spurns her relentless flirty advances. 

When Doug runs into Mallory the next day by chance, he's soon moving into her life as father figure to a surrogate daughter as substitute for the one he's lost whether she likes it or not, and she mostly doesn't. And after Lois' wayward spouse announces he's not returning home anytime soon, she somehow overcomes her self-imposed physical isolation from the world. And impulsively heads off to join him in a quite thankless and most unwelcome parenting endeavor, targeting a fiercely resistant Mallory. 

Welcome To The Rileys is the feature film debut of Ridley Scott offspring, Jake. And with Jake Scott's embrace of psychologically driven, muted dramatic momentum over action, he's evidently not a chip off the old block.

But while the pacing often sags, Stewart and her radical transition along with impressively expanding range from Twilight's moping teen to abrasive, profoundly damaged rude womanchild, effectively picks up the slack. As she settles into a sleazy routine that seems just as relaxed hanging around infatuated vampires, as glued to stripper poles and pasties. Though a testosterone stifled Gandolfini appears somewhat less comfortable in his own extreme switchup from wise guy to relative wimp, and assigned here to deferring to Stewart as the no-nonsense sassy chick in charge.

Samuel Goldwyn Films
Rated R
2 1/2 stars


Film Tips

Här kommer ett litet fim tips!
Kollade igår med Emma (min kompis) på In The Land pf Women , den var riktigt bra !
Kristen Stewart var med i den och spelar Lucy Hardwicke!
Här kommer några stills från filmen>





2. Alla blåmärken var inte make-up.
När inspelningen började, la de till blåmärken och märken på Stewarts kropp. Men bara för att hon hade några verkliga erfarenheter att dra från: "Jag fick blåmärken i början av repetitionerna. Jag lärde mig pole-dacning, trots att man egentligen inte ser det i filmen. Man kan se det i en sekund, det är som en siluett i bakgrunden. Men det gör verkligen ont, och man tror inte att det ska synas. [...] Det var så många så jag blev osäker, typ, "Ska vi behålla alla? Eller blir det för mycket? Kommer det se knasigt ut?"

5. Stewarts övergångar mellan Twilight och roller som Joan Jett eller en tonårig prostituerad är allvarligt talat ingen stor sak.
"De få saker som jag har gjort mellan Twilightfilmerna har bara råkat vara väldigt annorlunda," säger Stewart. Men jag har inte varit som 'Åh, jag ska chocka alla nu och göra något helt annat.' Det har alltid blivit informerat av, du vet, något talar till dig, och du måste göra det. Det är vad det är. Och jag är verkligen glad över att ha mina medskådespelare i serien eftersom så fort vi är tillbaka tillsammans... Man tror alltid att det kommer att bli svårt att komma tillbaka dit, men det är inte, för vi har alla velat berätta historien så länge. Och det är kommer äntligen ske nu."

8. Dessutom, verkligen, folk: Stewart vet inte vad hon ska göra efter Breaking Dawn.

Hon sa att hon inte vet något om Martyrs, en föreslagen nyinspelning av den franska skräckfilmen som hennes namn har blivit löst taggat till. (Men hon skulle göra en skräckfilm, för vad det är värt.) Och när det gäller Wanted 2? "Folk pratade om det i evigheter... ett tag sedan, men nej. Jag har ingen aning vad jag ska göra härnäst. Ingen aning."

Översatt och kä

Ny wttr bilder

skywithcolors:  Kristen Stewart in Welcome to the Riley’sstewsbitch:  this movie is going to break my heart/make me swoon like crazy  ”What?”

Welcome to the Rileys filmposter




WTTR Soundtrack

Så här kommer Welcome to the rileys soundtrack se ut.

Panic Room- En topp 10 film spelad på "Ett och samma ställe"

Nu har IGN lagt ihop en lista på de 10 bästa filemrna som huvudsakligen har spelat alla scener på samma ställe genom hela filmen!Panic Room kom med på listan! Nån som har sett den ? =)
Panic Room (2002)

Unsurprisingly set in a hi-tech panic room (if there wasn't a room and at least a little panic, we'd be on the phone to Trading Standards), this is David Fincher flexing his muscles: he didn't need to make this movie, but wanted to show he could anyway. Jodie Foster and a young Kristen Stewart are the mother and daughter holed up in an expensive, oversized coffin, while Forest Whitaker and his cronies attempt to infiltrate the impenetrable. Fincher, meanwhile, swings his camera up and down stairs, in and out of air vents, and at one point, through the handle of a coffee pot for absolutely no reason. Pfft. Show off.


Ny roll för Kristen (?)

Kristen i olika filmer


WTTR Soundtrack

1. Welcome To The Rileys – Marc Streitenfeld
02. Rebirth – Marc Streitenfeld
03. I Am Here – Marc Streitenfeld
04. Walking In New Orleans – Marc Streitenfeld
05. Alive – Marc Streitenfeld
06. Trouble Sleeping – Marc Streitenfeld
07. Private Parts – Marc Streitenfeld
08. Headstone – Marc Streitenfeld
09. Time – Marc Streitenfeld
10. On The Road – Marc Streitenfeld
11. Nobody’s Little Girl – Marc Streitenfeld
12. End Title – Walking Reprise – Marc Streitenfeld
13. Going Up The Country – Kitty Daisy And Lewis
14. Go Down, Sunshine – Odetta
15. Teenager’s Prayer – Joe Simon
16. Le Disko – Shiny Toy Guns
17. U.R.A. Fever – The Kills
18. Jigglin – Ying Yang Twins

Welcome to the Rileys

Welcome to the Rileys kommer att visas på Austin film fest och Philadelphia film festival
i Okrober båda två .

The Runaways DVD & Blue Ray _Brasilien


Water for Elephants premiär kanske ivår


Regissören till Roberts senaste film Water for Elephants ,Francis Lawrencesa har nyligen i  en intervju med MTV att filmen kanske kommer ha premiär redan ivår 2011.



Kristen _ Flaunt Magazine

Skit fin video på Kristen .

Welcome to the Rileys

I dessa länder kan vi förvänta oss att få se WTTR
Nya Zeeland

wttr filmning


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